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Purchase or refinance a single rental property with our Single Rental Loan


Our Single Rental Loan Program enables investors to purchase a new investment property to expand their real estate rental portfolio. Investors use this DSCR loan to refinance a property for a better rate, or take cash out to access equity.



Here are some Key Facts About Our Single Rental Loan

  • DSCR loan with no W2s, paystubs, or tax returns required

  • No-fee alternative valuation and rent schedule option (for eligible properties)

  • Funding up to 80% LTV for purchases and rate & term refinances

  • Funding up to 75% for all your cash-out refinances

  • Property loans from $75K to $2MM

  • Single Family Rental (SFR), condos, townhomes, PUD, 2-4 units eligible

  • Foreign Nationals allowed (70% LTV max, eligible countries only)

  • 30-year property loan terms

  • Minimum 640 FICO

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Real Estate Single Rental Loans Purpose


Rental Property Loans are great products for for real estate investors to acquire new single rental properties and expand their real estate portfolio. With no limit on how many properties you can buy. When applying for this loan National Private Lending also get you approved for a Real Estate Investing Line of Credit, which allows you to do multiple transactions simultaneously. Single Rental Property Loans can be used for purchase and refinance transactions.


Why Choose a Single Rental Property Loan?

  • We treat your rental property like your own small business, and we underwrite to the cash flow it will produces, not your personal income.

  • We don’t limit the number of rental properties you can own, so we give you maximum flexibility.

  • We provide personalized service throughout the entire loan process – from quote to close.


Rental Property Loan Interest Rate Start as low as 4% for a 30 Year Loan. Interest Rates could vary depending on the risk factor of the loan and or your credit profile, so always feel free to give us a Call for a Quick Quote, we'll ask you a few simple questions and we'll be able to give you a quote instantly.


Rental Property Loan Amount start at a minimum of $75,000 and it will go up to $2,000,000 Million, if your property or project requires more ask about our Rental Property Plus (extensive track record is required).


Rental Property Loan Terms are 30 Year Fixed Loans as standard. With our Single rental property loas you'll have 2 different types of structures you can choose from to finance your next investment property, #1. Entity - Single purpose entity, LLC or Corp., (recommended) or #2. individual name (Personal Name)


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Our Rental Property Loans, it doesn't require experience as a landlord but does requires experience owning a property in the past, so new real estate investors are welcome! as a side note, property loan pricing, leverage and required reserves will be determined based upon experience.


Maximum Leverage for Purchases, Purchase a Rental Property with National Private Lending loans for maximum leverage... up to 80% of the Purchase and rate & term loans.


Refinance a Rental Property, if you are looking to refinance a Rental property and you are looking for Maximum Leverage, our Rental Loans are made for it. Finance 80% on rate & term loans and Up to 75% on cash-out refinance 🤯


One of the questions we get all the time from investors is, When do we use Value vs Cost Basis? for real estate rental property loans. we require a seasoning of 180 days to use new value [Purchase Price + cost of work to be completed, if any. (Verified and provided by Inspector)]


Rental Property Loans are specifically to purchase real estate investments properties with the intention to rent them to you local market. We fund up to 80% of the purchase price and up to 75% on cash-out refinance.


You can use our rental loans for all your Non-Owner Occupied properties / real estate investments, including the following types: Attached or detached Single Family properties, 2-4 unit properties, Multi-family 5 to 20 units and Condominiums.


Finally, Rental property Loans for Foreign Nationals are allowed up to 70% of the Loan to Value of the investment property, with the exception of ineligible countries, you can find a list of ineligible countries here.


Why Choose a Fix and Flip Line of Credit?


  1. Our Rentals Line of Credit is designed for investors who need funding for multiple rental properties.

  2. Applying for a Rental Line of Credit is easy and allows investors to close more loans quickly.

  3. Grow with us, as you fund more property loans with us and gain experience, your terms may improve. Extensive Rehab financing is available for larger Fix & hold projects.

To Speak with a Sales Rep & Learn More About our Products:

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Hit a HomeRun with a single rental loan



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