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Direct Private Money Financing for Residential Investment Properties

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Ray Rubio

Commercial Lending

Cell: (773) 960-9092

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Ray Rubio is first and foremost a Radio Host of the Ray Rubio Show at WSBC 1240 AM Radio in Chicago, IL - Born in San Juan Puerto Rico, He moved to Chicago at a young age and became a TV, and Radio personality and has been in Broadcasting now for over 40Yrs Working as a Radio Announcer in New York, Puerto Rico and Chicago. 


Ray Rubio is also an expert in the field of Real Estate, holding a real estate license for many years. He shares his knowledge of financing trends to help real estate investors and real estate investment companies raise capital to grow their businesses. Ray has the exceptional ability to think creatively and uniquely based on his client’s specific situation. He is “The Expert” clients trust when seeking real estate capital.

As a lead business consultant for National Private Lending., Ray raises capital for startups, small businesses, and large real estate companies, Ray's expertise ranges from raising capital for real estate projects, establishing start-up funding for the real estate entrepreneur, and securing working capital for large companies, with numerous local, regional, and national commercial lending options, National Private Lending provides. National Private Lending tracks these trends and requirements in order to position their clients to receive the most capital, with the lowest interest rate, as quickly as possible. Ray and his team have navigated constantly changing business environments to raise more than $50 Million for his clients.

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Where We Lend

Alabama - Birmingham 

Arizona - Phoenix

Arkansas - Little Rock

California - Los Angeles

Colorado - Denver

Connecticut - Bridgeport

Delaware - Wilmington

Florida - Jacksonville

Georgia - Atlanta

Hawaii - Honolulu

Idaho - Boise

Illinois - Chicago

Indiana - Indianapolis

Iowa - Des Moines

Kansas - Wichita

Kentucky - Louisville

Louisiana - New Orleans

Maine - Portland

Maryland - Baltimore

Massachusetts - Boston

Michigan - Detroit

Minnesota - Minneapolis

Mississippi - Jackson

Missouri - Kansas City

Montana - Billings

Nebraska - Omaha

Nevada - Las Vegas

New Hampshire - Manchester

New Jersey - Newark

New Mexico - Albuquerque

New York - New York City

North Carolina - Charlotte

Ohio - Columbus

Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

Oregon - Portland

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia

Rhode Island - Providence

South Carolina - Columbia

Tennessee - Memphis

Texas - Houston

Utah - Salt Lake City

Virginia - Virginia Beach

Washington - Seattle

West Virginia - Charleston

Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Private Money Lender by City and State - Where We Lend - National Private Lending Loans by State

Private Money Lender in New York City, NY

Private Money Lender in Los Angeles, CA

Private Money Lender in Chicago, IL

Private Money Lender in Houston, TX

Private Money Lender in Phoenix, AZ

Private Money Lender in Philadelphia, PA

Private Money Lender in San Antonio, TX

Private Money Lender in San Diego, CA

Private Money Lender in Dallas, TX

Private Money Lender in San Jose, CA

Private Money Lender in Austin, TX

Private Money Lender in Jacksonville, FL

Private Money Lender in Fort Worth, TX

Private Money Lender in Columbus, OH

Private Money Lender in Charlotte, NC

Private Money Lender in San Francisco, CA

Private Money Lender in Indianapolis, IN

Private Money Lender in Seattle, WA

Private Money Lender in Denver, CO

Private Money Lender in Washington, D.C.

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